Match of My Dreams


“I don’t want to date a love Coach….”

Everyone faces rejection at times.

The fact that I am a love coach doesn’t mean that I don’t experience rejection in dating.

I started online dating over one year ago. The only way to combat rejection is to ensure you are self-aligned in the process.

Remember your end goal and what the deal breakers are for you.

Focus on the compatibility of you two and don’t take things personally.

My last rejection was when the man cancelled the date as he didn’t feel confident to date me.

He said, “I am sorry I don’t think I feel confident dating a love coach after all.”

He cancelled our first date.

My mind was like, “Seriously? Shouldn’t he feel the other way around?”

Then, I snapped myself out of it.

My response to him:
“Ok. Thank you for letting me know. Stay safe.”

There is ZERO need to justify, to convince or to create stories.
Respect/accept/embrace their decision. Then, move on. Be grateful that they at least let you know.

Know your worth.

You are precious.

You are unique.

Rejection shouldn’t hurt our self worth.
I was the same person a minute before he rejected me and a minute after.

What’s changed?

One door closes, many doors open.

How did you handle your last rejection?
At work? At home? By whom?

~ Love you more ❤️


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