Match of My Dreams


I don’t want to do the boyfriend thing!

I don’t want to do the boyfriend thing!

I don’t want to do the boyfriend thing!

Trust me..

When I say..

Every, so called, “playboy” has their own story..

Of a heartbreak..

I was on a consultation call the other day..

Well, on zoom..


You must know..

McSteamy, from the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”

Starring Eric Dane..

Yes, when I hopped on the zoom..

My prospect, looked like Eric Dane.

Sure, he’s handsome..

He’s tall..

He has that chiseled look..

With salt and pepper wavy hairstyle..

That qualified him to be someone..

Who would mark on their dating profile that-

They are looking for “something casual!”

Yes, he fit that physical descriptions of men who would want..

Something casual..

I thought to myself, what does he need my help on?


In his “playboy” days..

For sure..

He wouldn’t need my help..

My intuition told me..

He needed healing..

From his past..

He claimed, “I want something casual, why is that so hard to understand?

At that moment..

I felt he was talking to himself..

Then, he declared..

“I don’t want to do the boyfriend thing!”

At that moment..

It seemed like he was reassuring himself..

To not forget that’s what he’s looking for..

For now..

I said to him-

“Aiden, I help clients get into a monogamous relationship!”

I felt I had to state what my brand stands for..

Just in case..

Because I don’t help you with “something casual!”

I stated..

It seemed that..

That’s his narrative..

It was clear..

There’s a misalignment..

Within his heart & soul..


What’s on his dating app..

So we did an exercise…

It turned out..

He was in a long term serious relationship of 9 years..

They lived together..

They broke up at the end..

She didn’t want to marry him..

And showed zero effort to integrate with his family & friends…

The only woman he ever wanted in his life..

Didn’t want him back..

He was deeply hurt..

After they broke up..

He settled in the narrative of-

Wanting “something casual” instead..

He told me..

He defines his “something casual”

As seeing each other at least twice a week..

He demands exclusivity..

He wants monogamy..

He needs consistency..

He longs for a deep emotional connection..

That his ex wasn’t able to provide..

It turned out..

He didn’t want “something casual”

That was his fear talking..

We resolved his misalignment..

By identifying his past wound..

By dissecting what he truly wanted..

By understanding what he truly desires from a relationship..

Have you been “mislabeling” what you truly desire in a romantic relationship..

Because of your broken heart?

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