Match of My Dreams


I got dumped!

I got dumped!

I got dumped!

“Can you please help me?”

My prospect, Emily, 33, pleaded.

“My boyfriend broke up with me!”

She cried then continued with.

“My ex, I meant! I want you to help me to get him back.”

She showed me her intention.

I asked, “Because…..”

She completed the sentence with.

“Because no one ever broke up with me like this!”

“So you want him back as revenge?!” I asked.

I sensed her inner child was being triggered.

She answered with.

“Well, I still love him. I just WANT him to want me. Sometimes I feel I deserve better but I don’t know how to move on!”

I found out briefly what happened..

He simply was not good for her.

I firmly said to her.

“Emily, if we work together. The chances are he WILL be back and when he does, you most likely won’t take him back.”

She wiped her tears and replied shockingly. “Seriously?

She looked at me with her huge brown eyes.

“If you follow my healing rituals and be committed to focus on healing you and moving on.” I answered.

“Yes, I feel I am too weak to move on, I don’t know how.”

She confirmed her commitment.

Three weeks later.

She got a missed call from her ex and he left her a VM.

“I miss you!” he cried.

She called me and said.

“OMG, I can’t believe this. What do I do?” she asked urgently.

“Emily, you know what to do. Remember the work we’ve done. What does your intuition tell you to do?”

She then said, “He has anger management issues. He is not good for me. I am not going to do anything.”

My loves 💕

There is no manipulative strategy in my coaching.

My brand stands for authenticity and being the highest version of ourselves.

I’ve always helped my clients to heal from their past wounds.

Not just from the most recent breakup.

But their childhood wounds that contributed..

To WHY they attracted the wrong people to begin with.


When we have healed ourselves internally..

We become more attractive in everyone’s eyes.

By then~

We would be at a higher frequency level..

As a result of that..

We become a magnet to attract (that’s why her ex came back)..

And as a positive side effects of us quantum leaping in our energy level and attractiveness-

When we heal ourselves to “wholeness”-

We may no longer find the previous partner attractive especially if it was a toxic relationship..

If the relationship was a healthy one and that they simply needed a break..

Then his coming back would provide a second chance to work on things, to appreciate each other and to cherish the relationship open heartedly..

It’s a win win, isn’t it?


~ Love you more ❤️

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