Match of My Dreams


I got in trouble..

I got in trouble..

I got in trouble..


With a law enforcement officer.



A police officer..

Who was pursuing me.

Sure, he’s abundant.

Financially smart.




A mop of curly hair.

Perfectly muscular body.

Tattooed arms.

6 feet 3 inches.

I thought I would feel safe in his presence.

The most unique part of him-

I thought was..his tender heart.

“You are so sweet. You are like a teddy bear.” I said.

He got serious.

“I am NOT like a teddy bear.”

He claimed.

“I am an alpha male.”



Soon enough, he meant what he said..

“Hey, can you send me a selfie?”

I was busy.

The next thing I knew was.


“Excuse me!” I answered.

“Send me a pic of your feet!”

He asked again.

I was thinking..

So I asked.

“Do you have foot fetish?”

“NO!” He answered.

“Send it to me, NOW!”


I got annoyed of his requests.

I called him.

And said…

“Hey, no more requests.”

“I don’t think we would be a good fit. Let’s cancel our first date.”

He said, “Oh no, I am sorry. I will buy a bouquet of flowers to wait for you at the restaurant.”

“No, thanks!”

I was done with the alpha male AND teddy bear side of him.

I am so much happier without the “NOWs!”


~ Love you more ❤️


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