Match of My Dreams


I never would’ve thought..

I never would’ve thought..

I never would’ve thought..

When I was at the end of my toxic marriage-

After being cheated on twice..

And abandoned three times..


I became a love coach..

I never would’ve thought..


I would enjoy dating..

As much as I did.

I never would’ve thought..


Since I “failed” at my marriage..

That men would still want to date me..

This was way before I did any kind of inner work..

As my limiting beliefs at the time..

Mixed with cultural and gender conditionings..


As friends and family warned me with the following:

“No man would want you!”

“Especially, if you have children!”

“You are not getting any younger.”

It all seemed scary at the time.

I wanted you to know that..


My dating life..

As the new version of me..

After my divorce..



I can seriously say that..

The men I dated-

Treated me nothing like what I was told..

But what I deserved..

They were REAL genuine people.

They may have been wounded before-

But who hasn’t?

And they were willing to be vulnerable..

Ready to love..

And those men..

Each and everyone of them-

Taught me so much about myself in the process..

Know this, my loves 💕~

95% of the people live in a fear-based life..

Although they wanted the best for you..

Their advice may not be valid..

As they may have never experienced..

What you’ve experienced.

And they haven’t had proper training-

To advise you.

Don’t listen to them.

You ought to-

Align with your desires.

And shift your beliefs.

To Positivity.

To Optimism.

To “Anything is possible!”

To “Take your power back!”

To “Willing to let go!”

And in the process of your manifestation-

Of your next romantic relationship..

Or reigniting your current relationship..

Become your BEST self.

And truly embody that-

Love is within your reach.

And take actions accordingly.

To manifest into your reality!

Who is with me?


~ Love you more ❤️

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