Match of My Dreams


I quit smoking!

I quit smoking!

I quit smoking!

My client, Ken, age 55..

Came to me 3 months ago..

Wanting to find new love..

As we evaluated his past relationships-

Women left him..

Couldn’t stand his habit-

Of heavy smoking..

They couldn’t stand that-

He smelled like a chimney…

They were either allergic or got headaches-

From second hand smoke..

Or smelling the tobacco off of his clothes..

He wanted to quit..

For once and for all-

For himself..

For his health..

And for his future love..

To find someone to enjoy a longer healthier life with-


He had failed so many times..

In the past-

He wasn’t confident if he could succeed-

This time.

We first identified his old beliefs…

Then we-

Released the root causes..

Of what’s holding him back-

From living a healthy lifestyle..

Then, we shifted his mindset..

Lastly, we strengthened his self love..

And what prevented him from-

Being committed to..

To himself.

He discovered..

In our sessions..


He initially..

Got into smoking..

When he was in third grade..

In the 70s..

When it was to be cool..

To feel accepted..

He was raised by a single mom..

He didn’t have a father figure growing up..

He wanted to fit in..

To feel he belonged..


When his friend, Benjamin, handed him a cigarette..

There was no turning back since..

After one month of working together-

One day, he called me..

To declare that-

He officially stopped smoking..

And as a result-

He stopped coughing..

His constant coughs had cleared up..

He couldn’t believe it..

His hair had grew back..




Most importantly..

The women he went on dates with-

Started complimenting him on his natural scent..

When they exchanged hugs..

Health is our wealth, my loves 💕

The question was never –

Can you commit to coaching?!

The question has always been-

Can you commit to yourself?

And commit to loving yourself?

I am here for you.



~ Love you more ❤️

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