Match of My Dreams


I want women to be addicted to me!

I want women to be addicted to me!

I want women to be addicted to me!

My intake form..

For my consultation call.

The minute you fill out..

That form..

I already know how to-

Heal you.

Coach you.

And what you truly desire-

Deep in your heart!

In your love life..

It discloses your entire mindset

In love..

In relationships..

In dating..

In intimacy..


It’s not the questions themselves..

It’s that I read your mindset through..

The words you use..

That’s my superpower as a love coach..

I am extremely intuitive..

Back to the story..

Awhile ago..

I read an intake form..

From a 66 year old man

He wrote that his goal in love was..

To make his woman to be addicted to him intimately..

Wait, erase that..

He didn’t just have one woman..

He had “three” women..

He described he only date women in the age range from mid 20s to mid 30s.

Stay with me..

As my brand doesn’t advocate treating women as conquests…

And I don’t really believe in serial dating..

At that moment..

I was thinking I can either cancel this call..

Or I can follow my intuitive knowing..

To help him uncover his true goal..

I got on the call..

I listened to him talk for 30 mins..

He talked about his family..

He talked about his job..

He talked about everything..

That’s NOT what he wrote on the form..

I patiently listened..

I carefully listened..

I decided..

Without addressing the elephant in the room..

I asked one question..

To uncover his mask..

To pierce his veil..

I finally spoke..

“What do you truly want in love?”

I asked him.

He said, “I want the 3 women I am dating to be addicted to me!”

He continued..

“If I aced in the bedroom, they would want more and more of me!”

I answered..

“No, you don’t!”

He was in shock.

Then I asked again..

“What do you truly want in love?”

He still tried to pretend who he was not..

He paused for 30 seconds..

Then I stated-

“The three women you are dating, you know they don’t genuinely love you, right?”

He asked, “Why did you say that?”

I didn’t answer him..


I asked again..

“What do you really want in love?”

A moment of truth..

He paused for another 30 seconds.


He bursted into tears and said.

“I want my wife back!”


It turned out he lost his wife three years ago..

And he’s been dating 3 women who scammed him for thousands of dollars..

What did he get in return?

To validate that he can get young women to share intimacy with him..

To feed his insecurities in the bedroom as he’s been a conservative man all his life..

And the current dating world made him feel inadequate..

Because he thought he’s too old..

And he needed to validate his insecurities..

My loves 💕

Our beliefs and judgements of ourselves ultimately determine the results we get in our love life..

Are you ready to heal from the past?

To uncover the mask you’ve been wearing?

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