Match of My Dreams

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“I was lost”

I disappeared..

A few people DMed me last week and asked-

“Kolline, why did you disappear?”

“Are you okay?”


Yes! I am physically okay.


I am intuitively not okay.

I felt lost!

I was lost!

I lost my creative intuition.

What happened to me?

Why are you sad?

“Let’s backtrack this, Kolline!” as I said it to myself.

The last post I made was on the man I dated who bit me.

That’s right.

That’s right.

He did not just bite me.

He took a part of my soul in the process.

Whenever I experience dark spirits, I retract to my little shell.

My little girl was scared, it hurt her as she can be naive at times of what people are capable of.

Before I knew it-

I was in a quick sand.

Then I realized that my feet was chained at my ankles with 100 lbs of rocks at the bottom of the deep sea.

I couldn’t emerge to the surface of the water.

I could barely hear you all.

I read your posts, my friends!

Brilliant posts!

Everyone’s doing so well.

I had nothing to contribute.

I felt left behind.

As if-

I was deaf.

I was a mute.

I was stuck at a crossroad of past and present.

One of my clients woke me from my invisible trap.

He said, “Kolline, I love you so much!” before he ended the call.

Love conquers all.


~ Love you more ❤️


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