Match of My Dreams


“I was lost…….”

I was lost…….

Backtrack 2.5 years ago……

I saw an ad on Facebook from “Happiness In Love” coaching.

I scheduled a clarity call with Coach Xiaoli.

I was lost in life as I decided to end my 14 year narcissistic marriage.

I cried the minute I got on the call.

I said, “Can you please help me?”

She said, “Yes! I have been through what you are going through.”

I felt reassured.

I signed up for coaching even though I had no income.

I chose to trust my instinct to invest in myself.

To my dearest coach~

Thank you for keeping me strong through mediation, court hearings, and all the exercises we did to get to my envisioned life.

Thank you for peeling me like an onion slowly, layer by layer, to see what was rotten, and to get to the bottom of the deeply rooted “I am not good enough-ness”. Thank you for helping me heal by identifying all past traumas/events.

Thank you for instilling self-love and unlocking true femininity within me.

Thank you for inspiring me & believing in my mission to help men.

Thank you for pointing out my latest blind spot of “You can have your soul mate AND a great career.”

Thus, I got out of my own way and within two weeks, I manifested “him”.

Thank you!

I highly recommend Coach Xiaoli Mei as a love coach for women. ❤️

~ Love you more ❤️


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