Match of My Dreams


I’d rather shorten my life..

I’d rather shorten my life..

I’d rather shorten my life..

That’s right.

We are living beings.

Aren’t we?!!

Ok, and yet..

We go against our birthright-

To restrain ourselves from..

Our natural desire-

In human design..

To love or be loved..

What are we in fear of?

Fear of abandonment

Fear of rejection

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of vulnerability

Fear of opening our heart

For what?

So we can look good on the outside..

As if,

Love is a luxury!

For those of us who have not been so lucky in love

For those of us who have been broken in love


Love is one of the basic human needs..

And yet..

We are afraid to love..

The goal was never to just get into a committed relationship.

Love is not a destination.

Love is an everlasting journey of life’s treasures.

Love is abundant.

Love is limitless.

Love is unstoppable.

Love is empowering.

Love is inspiring.

Love is strength.

Love is being true to who we are.

Love is our internal compass.

Our GPS.

That ultimately leads us-

To our true purpose.

Our right path.

In life..

Love conquers all!

I remember someone once said to me..

“Kolline, I rather shorten my life by 10 years, to have my soulmate here with me NOW..”

He then continued..

“I don’t wish to die and NOT have the chance to love or feel loved. I feel SO alone.”

The truth is..

You don’t need to shorten your life to find the love of your life.

All you need to do is to DM me and join my program.

You identify your goal(s) in love.

I will bring you the “how!”

Now, tell me.

What are you waiting for?

~ Love you more ❤️


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