Match of My Dreams


“If I can’t give you the world, I will give you MY world.”

What a romantic phrase, isn’t it? There’s a lot of truth to this in terms of dating. When you go on dates, below are a few tips of what you should focus on getting across.

Be the authentic you:
This simply means be yourself with no pretense. Think of having a good time with a friend, as friendship should be the basis of a romantic relationship. If you want people to get to truly know you, you must show your genuine self. You can’t be wearing a mask and not allow others to get to know you. Because when you do, she’s falling in love with a facade, not the real you. Guess what happens when the honeymoon stage is over? Your relationship will most likely be in trouble in a matter of time. Be genuine and be you, so she can fall in love with the real you.

Take her off the pedestal. If you put her on a pedestal, you are seeing yourself as her admirer and she’s your goddess. When you see yourself lower than who you are by putting her on a pedestal, she can sense that, and she will treat you exactly like you are her “fan”. How are you ever going to continue to play that role as her fan, in the long run? It will not be a partnership built on equality. Meanwhile, you are sending out the energy that you are “inferior” and you are “not deserving”. High value women can sense this negative desperate energy, which is a complete turn off.

Show her YOUR world. Be proud of who you are and the positive qualities that you have within you. Show her what you can offer in the relationship by first embracing your real world, what’s in it, who’s in it, etc. Show her what your passions are, what you are proud of, your aspirations, your truth, your achievements, your visions, your envisioned future, etc.

When you are able to follow through with these 3 aspects, then you are allowing her to fall in love with the real you. If it’s not meant to be, so be it. At least you are self-aligned with who you are, what you love, how you see yourself in the future, and whether she’s a potential partner to share your world with.

What’s in your world and are you willing to share your world with her?

~ Love you more ❤️


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