Match of My Dreams


I am in a pickle!

I am in a pickle!

I am in a pickle!

Sean, my 50 year old client.

Who came to me 4 months ago..

Wanted to speak to me-

Two days ago..

“I am in a pickle!”

Ok, ok.

This was a call out of our normal coaching schedule.

“What’s happened?”

I asked..

“I don’t know who to choose!”

“To be with…”

He meant..

Among the two women..

He’s been dating..

“You’re welcome!”

I joked around with him..

Because he’s so magnetic now he doesn’t know who to choose. 😉

He asked if I have other male clients who needed a life partner..

“But my other clients don’t live in your area!”


4 months ago..

When he first came to me..

He was in the energy of attracting scammers online..

4 months later…

He has manifested two soulmate-like connections.

“Who do you want to build a relationship with?“ I asked him..

He’s in a misalignment..

I reminded him of the qualifications he set on finding his life partner.

Based on what he shared..

I already knew who was better suitable for him..

But we did the exercise for him to know..

Men oftentimes get blindsided by the superficial physical attributes.

And overlook the compatibility of the core values, feelings & emotions..

Both women in this case are all similar in physical attributes.

One is blonde.

One is brunette.

Similar heights.

Same religion.

He felt he was stuck..

But he’s actually not..

I prompted him with deeper questions..

“Who would you marry if your wedding is tomorrow?“

I asked..

Because we don’t date people with “potentials” to who we are looking for..

They should already show up & BE who we are looking for..


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