Match of My Dreams


In a romantic relationship, polarity plays an important role by intensifying attraction, bringing about the development of love and a romantic relationship.

Have you ever wondered how attraction begins? Attraction begins when you master your natural masculine energy and the woman embodies the feminine energy. It is the opposite of these two extreme energies that ignite attraction, romance, then love.

Think about two magnets; the magnetic power intensifies as magnets are at a distance than when they are together. Magnetic energy and the power of polarity ignite passion. Ever wonder why passion tends to subside the longer you are in a relationship? It is because the longer you are together, the more opposite energy you absorb, thereby reducing the attraction between the two partners.

For example, men start off having more masculine energy, while women embody more feminine energy. As men tend to take on more of a caretaker role to protect and make women feel safe and secure, men become more feminine. Nowadays, it’s common for women to have their own careers, which enhances more of their masculine energy. The longer these two opposite energies interchange, the more the attraction fades over time, along with an increase in complacency for the relationship.

How do we combat complacency and ensure passion exists in a romantic relationships over time, utilizing the power of polarity?

Consistency of date nights and the commitment to restore and revert back to our natural masculine or feminine energy can eventually combat complacency & reignite attraction.

How many of your past relationships ended because of diminished passion and attraction?

~ Love you more ❤️


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