Match of My Dreams


Is there bad karma?

Is there bad karma?

Is there bad karma?

Do you believe..

When someone did you wrong..

That they will one day experience-

The consequences of..

Their negative or unethical behaviors?!

That seemed to be the definition of bad karma..

Do you believe there is bad karma..

In life?

I didn’t..

I didn’t..


I witnessed it..

Right In front of my eyes..

My narcissistic ex husband..


The father of my kids..

After he abandoned our family..

Three times..

Cheated twice..

Lost his executive job…

Our family was draining financially over one year..

While we were draining..

He withdrew our joint savings..

While we were losing our house..

He withdrew our money..

To vacation with his last mistress..


He’s done many many heartless things..

I felt as if..

The whole family was being punished..

For his negative behaviors..

I felt life wasn’t fair..

For my children and I..

As he has gone insane..

At that time..

One day..

A day..

I would never forget..

A day..

My children would never forget..

He came to our house..

And started to bang on our front door.

He wanted to come home..


He wanted to come home..

After what he’s done..

But I was done with all of his drama..

I was done with him..


He was banging on the front door..

Crying hysterically..

I thought we were the victims..

No, he took over playing the victim..

“Mommy, daddy is outside!”

He got my kids to beg me to open the door for him..

Here is a crash course on how a “diagnosed” narcissist would act..

I was practicing no contact at the time..

No contact was what I needed to survive..

To center myself back.

To sanity..

He didn’t give up!

Until he was in my living room..

There was a moment..

When he was about to kneel down on both knees..

To beg me..

Not a chance!!

I had the intuition a few seconds before..

I couldn’t afford to receive that..


I shifted his body into a sitting position onto the sofa instead..

Because if I accepted his kneeling gesture..

I would’ve got sucked back into..

The same vicious cycle I had gone through 3 times!

At that moment..

I took my power back..

It was too little too late..

After that day, he’d gone through a horrible period of..

Bad karma..

As he blamed himself..

He got..

Physically sick to the point..

It seemed he had lost 30 lbs over night..

It seemed he had aged 30 years over night..

It seemed he was in constant physical pain..

He was being punished..

By a very dark force..

Right in front of our eyes..

He almost died..

I made a choice to forgive him..

Then, we started praying for him..

I shifted my mindset..

From him being a husband who betrayed me numerous times

To him being an old friend of mine..

The power of forgiveness..

Took over..

I visualized him being healthy again..

So he did.

Have you witnessed bad karma?


~ Love you more ❤️

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