Match of My Dreams


It’s ALL my fault!

It’s ALL my fault!

It’s ALL my fault!

My client, 44, had the narrative that..

When things happen-

Not to his liking..

That he has this narrative..

To say..


“Its ALL my fault!”

One day I realized this pattern..

After things didn’t go-

As he wished..

With this woman he had been dating..

He kept saying-

It was all his fault..

And blaming himself.

As if-

It was the end of the world.

When it’s clearly

No one’s fault!

I said,

“Josh, let’s do an exercise.”

He agreed.

The power of coaching

lies with..

When things arise..

I get divine guidance..

Or we could call it..

Divine intervention..

In my sessions.

To dig out the event-

From his subconscious mind..

We both didn’t know-

What was about to happen-

Or to uncover..

It was during a 5 min phone call.

Of him pleading help..

I was determined..

To get to the bottom of this.

I took him back to..

When he was 5 years old.

You may ask-

Why 5 years old?

Well, my intuition told me.

“Josh, we are back to when you were 5 years old.”

I said to him.

“What do you see?”

I urged him to trace the memory that created the narrative.

“What is happening?”

All of a sudden..


He started crying hysterically..

I couldn’t understand what he was saying..

I felt what he was feeling..

At the moment..

Through his energy.

This deep sense of grief was transmitted to me..

He kept crying.

I couldn’t understand his words.

I urged him.

“Josh, let’s do the breathing exercise.”

He took a few breaths.

Then said..

“I saw my dog, Shep.”

I asked what happened to Shep.

He answered with..

“He died.”

“Do you know why he died?”

I asked further.

“No, it must have been my fault!”

He answered.

I then asked..

“Did someone say it’s your fault?”

He said, “No, I thought it must have been me. I always chased him after school.

“Maybe I was being too rough with him.”

He made the assumption that it was him that caused Shep’s death.

That he was to blame. 🤦‍♀️

He kept on crying..

Like a little boy..

Then he continued with..

“And my dad said, big boys don’t cry.”

He was denied to show his emotions..

We did an exercise to say goodbye to Shep to give him the closure he needed.

A few days later, he confirmed that..

Shep died of distemper.


In order for us to uncover..

Why we create certain narratives in our head..

We must discover the initial event that associated with it..

Or we would continue to have negative beliefs about ourselves..

That runs in our subconscious mind.

And impacts how we show up..

In our relationships.


~ Love you more ❤️


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