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Kissing is the most intimate romantic aspect of the sexual experience!

Are you a good kisser? Have you asked your past lovers?

Below are a few kissing tips that help you accentuate and ignite the sexual experience.

Basic hygiene: It is important to ensure you have a fresh breath to start with

Set the romantic loving mood from the start of the day; tease by touching in a flirty way

Relax your lips: Ensure your lips are relaxed, hydrated and soft

Tease your lover: Lean in for a passionate kiss, then pause right before you reach her lips

Plant romantic kisses on her forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose then lips

Lick & outline her lips with the tip of your tongue lightly in circular motion

Tongue kissing is an intricate dance of synchronicity of backward/forward motions between the two of you

Control and not exchange an overly amount of fluids while kissing

Apply different pressure and pace, and use variations in touching different parts of her face, neck, chin, body, etc.

Focus on the lips, as kissing is a combination of the exchange of love and desires through hands, body, heart and soul

Seek for feedback from your lover on how you can enhance their kissing experience

Kissing is the most intimate romantic act lovers share that can ignite, heighten and unleash everything else that is possible in the entire sexual experience.


~ Love you more ❤️

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