Match of My Dreams


“Kolline is…”

Kolline is…….. ………. Kolline is much more than a coach, she has guided me through one of the darkest periods of my life. Losing the person you love is hard, but trying to mend the relationship is a whole other demon that most men are not equipped to handle. After my break up, I created worst case scenarios and beat myself up until my mental health rapidly deteriorated, leaving me bedridden and crippled by heart ache. Kolline stood by me and helped me rebuild my confidence, regaining the strength to self reflect and tackled the situation rationally. Your goal shouldn’t be to get your ex back, it should be to love yourself and find happiness in independence. If you can achieve this, things will fall into place regardless of the outcome. These are the core values Kolline teaches. Without her, I might have spent thousands on a jaded therapist and Ben & Jerries to realize my worth. One should never have to suffer alone. After a break up, I recommend that you reconnect with friends, family and reach out to Kolline. She’s the wing woman every man needs. Joe ……….. How did you mend your broken heart? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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