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Leaving a narcissist..

Leaving a narcissist..

Leaving a narcissist..

Below is a testimonial from my client, Adrianna.


A few months ago, I went through a really tough breakup. With Kolline’s help I was able to see my past relationship with a new perspective.

I opened my eyes and realized that I was dating a narcissist. As I found out after a year of dating that he was not the person he originally made himself out to seem.

I discovered all of the addictions he was hiding from me such as gambling, smoking, drinking, etc. I also learned that he was cheating and talking to other women, including my “best friend” at the time. He also attempted to steal money from me.

During the break up, I received constant texts and calls from him. Kolline was there every step of the way to support me to leave the toxic relationship.

During my experience of dating a narcissist, I learned a lot. I learned that narcissists can make it sound that they have empathy, but they don’t.
I learned what love bombing was and the other manipulation tactics he used on me.
He often made me feel guilty for making my own decisions.

Most importantly, I learned that healing takes time, especially after a narcissistic relationship as you’d second guess everything. Your mind will replay on if you made the right choice and create happy memories that overplay the bad. There will be days you feel amazing and days you feel low.

Kolline taught me to embrace all of my feelings as they came up and release them. She also reminded me to hold space for myself and to give myself the love and compassion unconditionally. Over time, the pain of a breakup faded as I was getting stronger. I started to think of him less and less as I healed myself more and more. Finally, I realized it was the best decision for me to leave him.

Kolline helped me so much in my healing journey, I learned to love myself again and rediscovered who I was before the relationship, which was the best part. I started to box and was selected into a Mentorship program. I also started to surf again. Lastly, I began to meet many amazing incredible people in my journey.

Kolline has been so impactful through my healing and finding myself again. I am so grateful for her help. I hope this testimonial helps other women find their voice and walk away from toxic relationships that are not healthy to be in. I highly recommend Kolline’s services as she’s superb in guiding me to heal, to love and to reinvent myself.


My loves 💕

Let’s start healing.



~ Love you more ❤️

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