Match of My Dreams


“Let me out!”

Let me out!

Yes, you are running in a maze.

How did you get there?

A miserable life you live in..

No matter where you go where you run to-

You realized you are running in circles.

You can’t come out.

“Where am I?” You may ask.

You are in a maze YOU put yourself in.

There are walls all over that you built to trap yourself in.

Can’t you see?

The walls of fears-

Fear of not worthy

Fear of not good enough

Fear of love

Fear of abandonment

Fear of success

Fear of fears

So you continue to date the same type of women with different faces, in different sizes, in different ethnicity, etc.

So you realized-

“Let me out!”

You might scream.

You might throw a temper tantrum.

You might continue to find a way out.

There is no way out!

Can’t you see!

Stop running.

Stop hitting the walls.

Stop asking for help!

You have all the answers within YOU!

You have your superpower!



Your intuition…

Your intuition is your superpower!

That is the only way to your inner self.

That is the only way to your spirituality.

This is the only way to break down those walls that YOU built.

Your intuition is the key to unlock all the love and abundance within you.


~ Love you more ❤️


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