Match of My Dreams


Let me think about it.

Let me think about it.

Let me think about it.

Sometimes I get clients from consultation calls

That wouldn’t sign up for coaching..

Of course there’s free will..

And they would always say..

At the end..

“Let me think about it!”


It is not my job to

Convince you

To sign up…


The reality is…

It is YOUR future..

It is YOUR love life..

Those are YOUR relationships..

That will continue to suffer..

In your same mindset..

That created the issues..

In your current reality..

By you-


Self doubting…

Or get in your own way…

Of what you truly desire-

What else can I say?

I realized-

Those that signed up..

Came with a curious mind..

Their self motivation..

Their last ounce of self love..

And a little belief of

Their deservedness…

To want to seek answers

In order to take the leap of faith..

To propel toward to

Their new abundant future..

If you don’t even..

Have the basic motivation

Of wanting to..

Understand yourself

To peel yourself

Like an onion..

There is little..

I can do-

To SELL you..

YOUR future.

It is your accountability.

I am NOT your enemy…

And it’s NOT about the money..

It’s about YOU getting in your own way.

I must say..

That you may have been addicted to a victim mindset

That’s so deep rooted

That feeds on scarcity as well..


You “chose” to “be” offended

When I listed the “diagnoses” of your love situations..

That your “ego” decided to take over..

To stop you from seeking the help you need.

I will remain to be “unapologetically” standing on my ground of my basic client requirements-

Of having a growth mindset

Of speaking to me with respect

Of willing to be coached

Of willing to listen

Of willing to be open minded

Of willing to NOT be offended

In order-

To learn.


If you are too far gone…

In your attitude.

In your words.

I can only wish you well.

And leave you at..

Your many, many

And endless

“Let me think about it’s!”

That have caused you..

Your disempowered life

In the first place.

I simply realized-

I can’t save everyone…


~ Love you more ❤️


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