Match of My Dreams


Look what you’ve done!

Look what you’ve done!

Look what you’ve done!

My handyman..

Of four years..

Was here to fix my garbage disposal-

That was not working

At my sink..

He hardly comes inside of my house..

Or perhaps he hasn’t

Since Covid..

I left him downstairs in the kitchen..

I was upstairs working..

I trusted that he can fix it.

Because he did before.

He’s a handyman.

That’s his job.

I don’t doubt his ability.

But since this time-

I was home..

I felt it took long.

It’s been over an hour..

Since I left him in my kitchen..

I started walking downstairs-

Wanted to check on him..

All of a sudden-

I thought I heard him talking to someone..

I thought to myself.

Why did he invite other people into my house?

As I was walking downstairs-

I realized-

He was having a conversation-

With himself..

He said..

“Hey, Johnnie..”

“Look what you’ve done!”

“You made it worse!”

“You know how to fix this.”

“How come is taking you so long?”

He constantly beat himself up!

His negative self talk..

Was on a continuous rant..

I walked down..

To urge him to reframe his words..

To speak to himself.

With positivity..

With optimism..

With gratitude..

With kindness..

With compassion..

With acceptance.

With love.


To shift his mindset in believing in himself..

10 minutes later.

He was done fixing.

We ought to speak to ourselves with love, kindness, compassion, etc.


When we master the relationship with ourselves..

We will bring in..

More productivity at work..

More abundance to experience..

Better relationships in our lives.



~ Love you more ❤️

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