Match of My Dreams


“Masculinity embodies leadership skills and high confidence!”

Women want to feel secure and safe around you. How attractive you are to a woman is determined by how you embody masculinity! Here are two main mindsets/attitudes of how masculinity looks/feels like: “I’ve got this”: When you demonstrate your leadership skills in dating with the “I’ve got this!” mindset, you are emanating to the woman that you can offer solutions to all issues and you will at least “attempt” in doing so. Leadership creates the persona of being charismatic. That’s a highly attractive trait. “I am super confident!”: When women are out of solutions, they want you to know and suggest what to do. You are not only offering solutions but also radiating high confidence in your willingness to help, which in turn, makes her feel that she can rely on you in the future. Women find men who are opinionated with high confidence and solution intoxicatingly sexy and masculine. This makes her feel relaxed so she can enjoy reveling in her feminine aura around you. Below are scenarios that demonstrate the “I’ve got this” attitude with “I am super confident!” mentality. Scenario 1: Woman: “I am lost and will be late to our date.” Man: “I will find you. Tell me where/what street you are on.” Scenario 2: Woman: “I am craving seafood.” Man: “I will make reservations. Is 7pm ok?” Scenario 3: Woman: “I am tired; I don’t want to eat out.” Man: “How about we order in and we can watch a movie together?!” The above examples demonstrate both the “I’ve got this!” and “I am super confident” mentality/attitude. The man not only offered solutions, he offered them in such an assuring confident way to lead the woman! This makes the woman feel he is reliable, confident, and masculine with great leadership skills so she can relax and enjoy a good time in his masculine presence. When was the last time you demonstrated your “I’ve got this!” Or “I am super confident!” mindset? How did that turn out? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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