Match of My Dreams


Maybe she’s born with it!

Maybe she’s born with it!

Maybe she is Iza Dabek!


My Wonder Woman..

I repeat..

My Wonder Woman..

The biggest breakthroughs of-

My life..

Happened recently-

In a 12 week sessions..

With an incredible beautiful being..

If you’ve known me for awhile..

You would know that..

I have a growth mindset.


I also love an abundant mindset.

If you’ve read my profile-

You would probably know..

I have a Master’s Degree in Child Development..

I have a Human Resources Degree.

A minor in Business..

A Real Estate License..

Three separate certificates in Love, Relationship, and Intimacy.

I am fascinated and certified by Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I’ve read hundreds of books, listened to countless podcasts and followed many YouTubers & influencers..

To know all of their teachings..

And I have done and believe in manifestation, the power of the subconscious mind, inner work, shadow work, meditation, journaling, Law of attraction, Universal Laws, quantum healing, intuitive coaching, and the power of the Universe and God 🙏🏻

Whatever is out there, I have probably experienced them all..

I have spent at least $150k since 2015..

After my traumatic marriage..

Not to feed my imposter syndrome-

But to HEAL me..

To INVEST in me..

As I believe “knowledge is POWER”

As I believe “ANYTHING is possible”

So I can BE where I am in my knowledge & in my expertise to coach my clients..

To spread more love into the world..

Why did I say all these?

I am not bragging.. 🤦‍♀️

Why did I need to say all these?

I am simply..

Doing justice to Iza and her teachings.

To help you understand how much work I have done already-

In the past 7 years of my life..

In order to prepare myself for what I experienced-

With her..

In her sessions..

And yet-

I have NEVER experienced..

Something SO powerful..

So intense..

So in depth..

I can barely articulate this experience..

I can barely put these into words..

Everything was FELT on a cellular level..

The weekly transformations..

And breakthroughs..

She broke me open.

Through my heart..

Through my soul..

Then down to my knees..

To surrender to the process..

What a humbling experience..

What a powerful way of “letting go!”

To experience a REBIRTH of my being..

A SOUL transformation..

With her unconditional love..

With her expertise, knowledge, and superpowers-

She took me UP to the mountains..

And DOWN to deep seas..

She IS my Wonder Woman!

And my forever mentor.

She IS a coaches’ coach & a healers’ healer..

I highly recommend her services to everyone..

Just like the Maybeline commercial~

Maybe she’s born with it?


~ Love you more ❤️

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