Match of My Dreams

Meet Kolline

Hi, I am Kolline Lee and I am a Certified Matchmaker & Love Coach. I can help you transform your love life and find your perfect match!

If you are a single or divorced individual who faces challenges in this modern dating world or simply have no time to look for your future mate and would like to be more focused in your search, I can help you. We will work on the fundamental skills and have a strategy session to understand and identity the core qualities that you are looking for in your perfect match. While I personally search for you and hand pick matches for you, we will ensure you have the clarity within yourself of your core values, your passions in love, in life and your vision for your future.

How Can I Help You?

Having a master’s degree in child development and my studies in human psychology and Neurolinguistic programing as well as my expertise in dating, relationships & intimacy, I am able to quickly understand the deep set issues that we all carry from childhood that are holding you back from finding the love of your life. Together, we will identify past events and experiences that influenced or shaped you to who you are today. I have helped many men and women healed from their past relational patterns/traumas and helped them increase their attraction level, charisma and confidence in dating. When we utilize the right approach, we will be able to move forward to attract, create and ignite the love that we envision. I will help you find qualified matches and support you into a committed relationship along the way.

Why am I the best matchmaker and love coach to
help you find love?

Experience in What I Do - not just what I teach

I have experienced many traumatic events in my own life – infidelity, abandonment, death of my brother, domestic violence, PTSD, self image issues and dealing with a narcissistic ex. This means I have a deep understanding of overcoming traumatic situations. I can easily empathize with you and help you heal and forgive, leading you to the love life you envision.

Expertise and Commitment - that includes investing in myself

As I have hired many mentors, coaches, and healers in my journey, I've become an expert in my field and created my own methods in my coaching program.

Success Rates - I get results from my process

Lastly, as I've helped many men and women find love and navigate through online dating, I understand how much work it is to navigate through the various dating apps, how time consuming that is to get so little results, not to mention the energy and money you spend daily on these dating sites.

Matchmaking is the proactive solution to find love in this modern dating world.

What happens when you become an
exclusive client of Match of My Dreams?

Personalized Attention

I have a strong network of hundreds of dating coaches,
matchmakers, matchmaking database, etc. You will get the personalized attention that you deserve in searching of your perfect match.


Hand Picked Matches

You will definitely have a higher success rate by working with me. I will utilize my professional knowledge to hand pick your selected matches and you will finally enjoy your dating life.

Hand Picked Matches Cover Image

A Fresh Perspective

Being a woman, I bring perspectives from both men and women and I understand loving relationships and what makes them work. This allows me to help you understand what high value people are looking for in order to help you find the right match and have the right match be committed to you.

A Fresh Perspective couples holding

A New You

After working with me, my clients are able to be more assertive, playful, sexually attractive and communicative as well as showcase their personality in a unique and authentic way to selected matches. They become confident inside out and have a higher chance of getting into a committed relationship.