Match of My Dreams


Men only want one thing!

Men only want one thing!

Men only want one thing!

Ok, ok, ok!

I was on the consultation call with Emma, age 28.

She shared her challenges in dating..

“Men only want hookups!”

Oh, really!

So I thought to myself..

I knew what the problem is..

Then, she declared.

“I wasn’t raised that way.”

I understand her frustration..

Not because I have been there..

But because I know how to change her reality..

“Emma, tell me about your parent’s relationship.”

Somehow I felt that question would give us the answers..

I don’t normally ask a lot of questions in the initial meeting..

I ask questions to identify the root causes of the issues with her..

She answered with-

“My parents divorced when I was 23.”

Then she went on…

“People think that their divorce shouldn’t have affected me because I was an adult when the divorce was finalized but I have known they had problems in their marriage since I was 10 years old.”


I think she may have known their parents had issues even when she was younger..

“My dad left my mom for the other woman.”

I asked, “how did that make you feel?“

A few seconds before I asked..

I wasn’t sure if she was able to handle it..

But I had to ask..

For her..

So she could release her accumulated negative emotions.

She wasn’t able to speak.

She burst into tears.

Like a little 10 year old girl…

So hurt that she wasn’t able to put her parents together..

For her mom..

For her dad..

For her family..

And for her..

She continued to burst into tears..

I continued with..

“Did you blame yourself?“

She nodded..

“Did you feel guilt?”

She nodded again..

“Did you feel shame?“

More tears rolled down her face..

“Do you trust your dad?

She signaled no..

“Do you trust men?”

She shook her head..

“Do you trust yourself?”

She said no again..

We were done dissecting her childhood..

I felt it was time..

To come back to the future..

“Where do you meet these men that just want hookups?!”

She answered..

“Online or at different bars!”


The thing is…

My loves 💕~

As long as she isn’t healed from her past, she may always be emotionally unavailable to attract the same..

Because we attract the energy we emanate..

What energy are we emanating today?

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