Match of My Dreams



…and they’re not Sex, Money and more Vacations. Not exclusively anyway. In fact, the 3 things missing from your relationship are a bit more PG-13. But surprisingly, they do all link to the aforementioned trio. 

So, what 3 things exactly are you missing from your relationship, and why are they so important?

1. Differences 

Ever heard the phrase ‘Opposites attract’? Well, this is even more appropriate in a romantic setting, where opposites don’t only attract – they create chemistry. And nothing lights up a relationship more than a bit of chemistry. Stop looking for a total echo chamber in a romantic partner – opposing thoughts or differences in your personality could actually increase your attraction for one another. Challenging each other’s thoughts, preferences, or viewpoints can actually make for an exciting debate or discussion. Plus, the more chemistry you have, and the more sparks flying, the better your sex life could be too. So, stop looking for your twin in your pursuit of a soulmate. Maybe a bit of friction in the bedroom is exactly what you need. 

2. Common Interests    ‘Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in life’ – and this sentiment applies to your love life too. Looking to add value to your relationship? Find someone who also shares some common interests with you, and you can add value to your relationship, without it ever feeling forced. Quality time together, doing something you both enjoy, is like currency for your love life. And a dose of endorphins and a new shared experience is money well spent for you both. So, start looking for someone who genuinely shares a passion, hobby, or career with you – and you may hit the jackpot sooner than you think…   3. Laughter    Someone once told me ‘Laughter is an instant vacation’… and there have never been truer words said. If you’re looking for a daily holiday for you and your soulmate, find a love full of laughter. A good sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at one another, is like two luxurious weeks in the Caribbean for you both every year. Once the dust has settled on early courtship, and life throws its unexpected hurdles at you, you’ll be thankful you’ve got a partner by your side who can make you smile. So, if you prioritize finding a woman who knows how to spark joy in your heart, you’ll be laughing your way to your happiness ever after. 

~ Love you more ❤️


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