Match of My Dreams


My soulmate died!

My soulmate died!

My soulmate died!

Chad, age 56..

Who has a teenage son..

Our first session..

Was a phone call..

He voiced that..

He had been dating this woman..

A few times..

And that..

She asked him..

If they are in an exclusive relationship..

As I was listening to him talk..

He had a very calming voice..

By the way..

But sad…


I felt a sense of deep sorrow..

I asked, “How did you become single?”

He replied with..

“I didn’t divorce. I had a good marriage!“

He claimed..


He took a deep breath-

Then stated..

“My soulmate of 19 years died last year!”

It turned out..

His late wife and him were healthy..

Until one day-

Her stomach hurt so badly that..

His son took her to an urgent care…

Chad had all day meetings to attend to..

As he was driving home..

His late wife called and stated..

“Chad, you are on speakerphone!”


His whole life changed in a blink of an eye!

His wife was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

There’s nothing they could’ve done for her..


They sent her home..

She passed away at home six weeks after..

As she took the last breath of her life..

He described it as..

“It was profoundly sad and yet profoundly beautiful!”


He snapped himself back to..

The present moment..

With me..

8 months after her death..

The woman who he’s been dating.. wants to be in a relationship..

With him..

I asked..

“Chad, do you think you are ready to open your heart to love fully?”

He stated..

“No, but I feel lonely.”

My loves 💕~

Everyone grieves differently..

But we ought to allow ourselves to feel..

The various stages of the grieving process..

To feel with its emotions..

The more we try to pretend to move on..

Or rush the process..

The more we are setting ourselves back..

Don’t start a relationship when we have just lost our significant other..

It’s not fair for the new person not getting your presence, love and affection..

When you are still grieving the loss of your soulmate…

Give yourself the love, grace and compassion..

That you deserve..


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