Match of My Dreams


My wife….

My wife….

My wife….

I was on a consultant call the other day.

The man..

54 year old

Working in hospitality industry

Told me that..


No longer

Trusts women

Ever since-

Five years ago..

When he lost his family

As his wife

At the time…

Slept with his boss

And that…

He didn’t know

How long it took place


He found out.


She emptied the house

In one day-

Took his two year old daughter-

With her

And left him


“I was working long hours to support the family.” He recalled.

And when he came home..

That night…

He realized-

He’d lost his family,

His wife,


His daughter..

He felt betrayed.

He felt life was not fair.

He felt clueless.

He felt lost.

Since then..

He became a player in dating..

He doesn’t commit

To any woman

As he’s lost trust in all women


Most importantly..

He has lost trust in himself

His judgment..

His decision making…

I felt the anger & resentment in his voice.


He wouldn’t have called if he didn’t want to seek advice


If he didn’t still believe in love


He has…

Fear of love

Fear of abandonment

Fear of rejection

Fear of mistrust

“Have you forgiven her?” I knew the answer.

He answered..

“No, she broke my family.”

“She took my daughter!”

He’s still in pain.

Holding onto his past.

Hoping to seek justice.

Looking in the rear-view mirror..

He refuses to rewrite his story.

For a better future or love life..

By not forgiving his ex wife…

It prevents him to be happy…

To move forward..


I shared a few definitions of forgiveness..

▫️Forgiveness is done for your own wellbeing, peace, serenity and sanity, not for others.

▫️ Forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget or make others’ wrongdoing okay. It means you accept what happened fully so you can start healing and move on.

▫️Forgiveness is to be empowered and to renew a new sense of commitment and love toward your own self.

We ought to forgive ourselves first in order to forgive others.

We ought to love ourselves first in order to love others.

Let go of what no longer serves us.


~ Love you more ❤️


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