Match of My Dreams


“No more tears!”


No more tears!

How did I survive a narcissistic relationship?

It took one decision of CHOOSING myself first.

I meant it was for my survival.

I had to make that decision or I would’ve ended my life and left my girls irresponsibly.

It took so much of my inner strength to bypass the bread-crumbing, gaslighting, love bombing, numerous betrayals, lies, brainwashing, etc. to rise above.

I think many people overuse the term “narcissist” in dating. It seems like everyone describes their ex to be a narcissist.

I must address here that-

Unless a person is diagnosed, like my ex was, by a clinical psychiatrist in the mediation process, we should not use the term too lightly.

I did not understand how someone would sabotage their loved ones the way he did.

Not until the clinical psychiatrist told me that “Kolline, he is incapable of love and has no empathy! You can cry your eyes out, communicate all you want, nothing will change. You should be glad you are still alive.”

I had to choose me because when I chose me it meant I was choosing my girls too.

I took a pic of myself bawling to remind myself to look at that miserable pic every time I get softhearted.

Then, 6 months of no contact.

I survived.

No more tears my loves!


~ Love you more ❤️


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