Match of My Dreams


Not everything is possible!

Not everything is possible!

Not everything is possible!

There were two people in my life that I didn’t want to let go of.

First, was my narcissist ex husband.

It took me “years” to finally let go of him.

The second was my best friend of 30+ years.

I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

I did, two years prior to the event.

I had an intuition that we might be drifting apart.

Deep inside..

I probably didn’t want it to come to my full consciousness.

But one day, abruptly..

God/Universe cut off all ties..

Between her and I..


And abruptly..

To my very surprise..

The possibility to reconcile became zero..

At the moment-

When it became apparent..

That we were at a crossroads with completely different mindsets.

I believe in..

“Anything is possible!”

That’s the mindset that I operate on..

That mindset helped me survived my toxic marriage..

With the visualization of-

A better life..


Through healing..

Through reinventing..

I gained my strength back.

I found myself back.

I created the exact life that I visualized..

A life with-

No more codependency.

No more domestic violence.

No more bread-crumbing.

No more lies.


I created a love coaching business-

My soul’s passion..

My heart’s desire..

To help men who might be going through what I went through..

To adapt to that same belief-

“Anything is possible!”

For us-

To create and reinvent..

We can elevate and create the love life that we envision..


She didn’t believe in

“Anything is possible!”

She felt safe..

Staying in her comfort zone..

At that particular crossroads..

One year ago…

We went our separate ways..

Despite what she lastly communicated..

It felt as if-

Her words were a sharp knife..

Stabbing straight into my heart..

Trust me..

Besties have the ability to kill you in an instant..

Despite what was said to me..

I forgave her.

I forgave myself.

I wished her well.

I let her go.

There is no regret.


“Anything is possible!”

DM me if you want to transform your love life.

~ Love you more ❤️


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