Match of My Dreams


“Positive mindset is a magnet that helps you better manifest and attract your soulmate.”

When it comes to success in dating and finding your soulmate, the most crucial element is having a positive mindset. Even when you can’t yet visualize or grasp your soulmate in the physical form, a lot of the work comes from manifesting your soulmate in your “mind” first.

A few important concepts on manifesting, attracting and achieving abundance are listed below:

1) Thoughts create reality: If you believe your soulmate exists and you live your life with a positive abundance mindset, more positive aspects of life will be created by you. You can think positive thoughts daily, visualize the life with your soulmate in it. Your brain doesn’t know past, present or future. Your brain takes your thoughts then manifests them. Thus, thoughts create reality.

2) Instill an abundance with gratitude mindset: As a daily routine, count your blessings every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed. When you live in abundance with gratitude, your vibrations and energy shift around you. You will unknowingly shift and attract more abundance coming your way!

3) Make initiatives and keep your dating anxiety intact: it is normal for us to feel anxious or nervous when we meet attractive women. Whether or not you see attractive women at the grocery store, coffee shop, online dating sites, etc, approach them using the 3 seconds rule. We tend to overthink or talk ourselves out of “uncomfortable/unfamiliar” situations after 3 seconds. Thus, take a leap of faith. It doesn’t matter how she reacts to you. Focus on building your confidence by taking more initiatives. The more practice you have, the better and more comfortable you feel when approaching and dating women.

You are the creator of your life. Positive mindset and thoughts can ultimately bring more abundance and lead your soulmate into your reality and life much faster!


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