Match of My Dreams

6 Top Coaches to Help You Finish Out the Year Strong

As Featured In LA Weekly, Published November 11 2022

What Problem(s) Do You Solve?

Clients come to me to uncover the deep-set issues that they carry from childhood that are holding them back from finding the love of their dreams. I am able to help them to identify past events and experiences that influenced or shaped them to be who they are today and we work together to heal from that trauma and increase their attraction level, charisma and confidence in dating and relationships.  Together, we work on the fundamental skills to understand and identify the core qualities they are looking for in their perfect match. I ensure they have the clarity within themselves of their core values, passions in love and in life and their vision for their future. 

What Makes Your Business Unique?

1) Experience in what I do

I have experienced many traumatic events in my own life:  infidelity, a toxic marriage, the death of my younger brother, and dealing with a narcissistic ex – which has given me a real-life understanding of how to overcome traumatic situations. I can easily empathize with my clients and help them heal and forgive, leading to the love life they envision. 

2) Expertise and Commitment 

As I have hired many mentors, coaches, and healers in my journey, I’ve become an expert in my field and created my own methods in my coaching program. I have a special gift of being intuitive with divine guidance.  

3) Higher Success Rates 

Lastly, as I’ve helped many men and women find love by navigating online dating, I understand how much work it is to slog through the various dating apps. I know how time-consuming online dating can be, especially to get so few results and not to mention the energy and money men and women can spend on these sites. Thus, I offer matchmaking as a solution to my clients. Utilizing a strong network of matchmakers, I help find their perfect match faster and with higher success rates.  


Kolline is the Founder of the matchmaking company “Match of My Dreams”, where you find your perfect match. She has a Master’s Degree in Child Development, and is fascinated by how childhood shapes who we are.  Using her own experience of healing from a toxic marriage and excelling in dating and relationships after her divorce, she has learned many healing modalities such as utilizing the Power of the Subconscious Mind, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing. and her own unique manifestation method to help her clients accentuate who they are authentically to attract their soulmate. Kolline also holds separate certifications in Matchmaking, Love, Relationship & Sexual Intimacy. She has many intuitive gifts to help her clients uncover their hidden gems to transform their love lives.