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Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!

Did you know?

Did you know?

That’s right.

The shocking finding about kissing?


I will save the best for last.

First and foremost..

Kissing is to majority of the people..

The most important intimate act-

That confirms attraction,

Physical chemistry,

And leads to sexual arousal..

Which creates..

Deeper sexual intimacy.

And it is an important factor,

In the mate selection process.

Below are the “scientific” health benefits of kissing:

Kissing triggers the release of a chemical cocktail made up of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin (the pleasure centers in our brain).

The feel good chemicals and hormones released during kissing can help lower stress and cholesterol levels.

Oxytocin has painkilling analgesic properties, it also decreases anxiety, tension (relieves headaches, cramps) and depression.

Women get aroused as testosterone gets transferred from men during kissing, which increases libido.

Exchanging of saliva can improve your immune system.

Kissing is the best facial exercise as it requires and coordinates 20 facial muscles together~ thus, enhances blood circulation & keeps you looking younger.

Kissing passionately revs up the heart in an aerobic way which lowers blood pressure and encourages a healthy heart.

One minute of passionate kissing can burn an average of 5 to 26 calories, depending on how many other actions are involved.

A psychological study done in Germany during the 1980’s found that the men who kissed their wives before going to work-

1) 20 to 35 percent more increases in pay

2) Used less sick time compared to their peers who didn’t kiss their wives before work

3) 87 percent of them held in management positions

Lastly and the most shocking finding done by the researchers at the University of Arizona..

in 2018, claimed that couples who kiss goodbye every morning live an average of five years longer than those who don’t.

Thus, the strong bond that comes from kissing-

Promotes not only emotional well-being but physical health as well.

My “Singles” Loves~ DM me so we can get you into relationships

To the rest of my loves~

Pucker Up!


~ Love you more ❤️


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