Match of My Dreams

“Putting her on a pedestal is a major turn-off!”

The major part of the manifestation is to take whatever you want in life off of the pedestal. In this case, if you are looking for a soul mate or trying to attract a specific person, my only advice to you is- take her off of a pedestal. What does it do when you take her off of a pedestal? The examples below illustrate the mentality and energy that you are emanating if she’s on the pedestal. ♦️ You are desperate: When you put someone highly above you, it means you are placing yourself inferior to her. It’s like she’s on top of a tall tree completely unattainable to you, and you are trying to climb to get to her! You are desperate and think she’s the far superior prize which you don’t think you deserve in the first place! ♦️ You lack self-worth: When you lack self-esteem or self-confidence, you place the person you’re trying to pursue in a much higher status than she really is, and regard her as much more important than your own self. ♦️ You show resistance: Here is the thing. The more you want her, the more desperate you come across to her, and the more you are focusing on the “lack of”. The most important part of manifesting anything you want in your life is to focus on the FEELING/EMOTIONS that you already have her. If you put her on a pedestal, it’s like reiterating in your mind that you don’t have her yet, and that’s working against the manifestation process. ♦️ You have scarcity mindset: When you put her on a pedestal, not only are you emphasizing on the importance of her, you are also showing that you have scarcity mindset vs abundant mindset. What is the difference? People with scarcity mindset will be obsessed with one specific woman. People with abundant mindset would know there are plenty of good women out there and know not to be preoccupied with just one specific woman. When was the last time you put a woman on a pedestal, and how did that turn out? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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