Match of My Dreams


Quiet your mind..

Quiet your mind..

Quiet your mind..

In dating or anything in life.

You ought to know your worth in order to show up..




Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

In order to create your own gravity,

To attract the other person.

Everything I experience in my own dating life.

I know..

Is the Universe’s/God’s way for me to add the lessons under my belt..

To advise my clients of-

What “NOT” to do!

The men I date become lessons I learn,

To help my clients.


I was on a date two months ago..

Darren said,

“Meet me in the courtyard next to the Xmas tree.”

At that moment..

I knew..

He’s very particular.

Perhaps a perfectionist.

He cared about how he made his entrance.

I was thinking to myself.

“Why aren’t we meeting at the front of the restaurant?”

“Ok, let him be,” I calmed myself.

As I walked towards to the courtyard.

It was a huge open space.

The next thing..

I was trying to locate him.

And the Xmas tree.

The most important moment..

On the first date..


Is the second you made eye contact.

Walking towards each other..

I was examinating his confidence.

Great, he seemed so calm.

Standing there with a height of 6’1”..

With his grey color eyes.

Waiting for me to walk towards him.


He’s handsome.

He’s tall.

He’s a computer engineer.

He has breathtaking eyes.

He looks like a knight and shining armor.

Stood next to a Xmas tree..

As if..

He’s patiently waiting for me..

Walking down the aisle-

At the altar.


I snapped myself out of it.

We hugged..

Then I realized..

He imprinted a significant scent of cologne on my dress.

To be honest, even though he was all I described.

I felt our conversations were-

Much more spiritual than romantic.

He talked very slowly.

A little slow for me.

But he articulated his words perfectly.

And carefully.

He seemed nervous-

And yet he wanted to take a walk after our brunch.

He liked me, I am sure.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on another date with him.

At the end of the date.

After we departed for 3 minutes-

Before I had the chance to thank him via text.

I usually would do that when I get home.

He beat me to it!


He said..

“In my mind, I had visualized the conversation flowing perfectly.”

“Oh no!” I thought to myself.

He continued..

“In reality, I was scattered all over the place. I had so many more questions to ask.”

Oh my! ‍♀️

He was doing fine..

Until his mind beat him up to it.

I replied with..

“Thank you for a beautiful brunch this afternoon.”

Did I go out with him again?



I wouldn’t want to deal with his head trash moving forward.

It’s exhausting.

My loves~

We all may have self doubts or negative self talk at times.


To speak them out loud is another thing.

Let’s “quiet” our mind..

And embrace the imperfections of our humanness!


~ Love you more ❤️


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