Match of My Dreams




Yes, the hardest thing in life may just be..

Not getting the closure you think you deserve.

Certainly, my clients struggle with this at times.

And sometimes it’s hard for them to walk away from the relationships that ended abruptly.

No one deserves to be ghosted.

No one deserves to be blocked.

No one deserves to have no closure.

No one deserves to be in a limbo.

No one deserves to have no communication.


If for anything-

If someone can’t communicate honestly and transparently to end a connection.

Or have the audacity to end a connection in a mature way.

They might have problems/issues within themselves.

You are simply not compatible.

We should-

Honor ourselves that…

We showed up as being







There is no need to ALLOW them to take your power away.

Focus on strengthening your SELF concept.

Redirect our energy to someone or something else that matters.

Redirect our energy to ourselves.

Honor that we showed up at the HIGHEST version of ourselves.

Silence is the answer.

Silence is the closure.

Dig a grave if you need to.

With your bare hands.

To get the closure you need.

So you can move on energetically and physically.

To allow the connection


Rest In Peace.

So you can start the healing process that you deserve.

When someone shows you who they are.

Believe them.

Honor yourself.

Celebrate yourself.

Honor the connection despite the circumstances.

Take the positive lessons.

Bury the negativity and toxicity.

Create the closure.

But remember, there is NO turning back.

I repeat..

There is NO turning back.



~ Love you more ❤️


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