Match of My Dreams


“Say What?!”

My coach asked me to talk to a woman who is going through a horrific breakup.

I don’t coach women.

Only men.

She signed up for love coaching with my coach but she resists to start the process.

She reminded me of the “old” me.

I tried to explain to her the steps I took.

She didn’t seem to get it.

Then she pointed out my result.

The Kolline 2.0.

“Your energy is contagious. I feel happy around you! she said.


She finally got it!

I know the men I date often like me because of my energy.

Not my body.

Not my eye contact.

Not just my confidence.

It’s my energy, my vibration, and my frequency.

That’s exactly what I coach my male clients on.

I didn’t think my energy is contagious to females too.


Then I explained to her- we attract who we are based on the energy we emanate.

She didn’t get It.

Then the Universe gave a perfect example.

She said “look!”

I turned around to see a group of people passing by.

I waited and asked her.

“What did you see?”

She asked “should I get plastic surgery?”

I said, “What?”

I saw a man that I exchanged eye contact with.

She saw a lady who’s voluptuous walking by that triggered her insecurities. That explained where we are at in our vibrational level.


~ Love you more ❤️


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