Match of My Dreams


Self-acceptance and self-love are what will transform you to the next level of abundance & consciousness.

My own transformation started when I fully accepted who I am, both my perfect and imperfect self. I broke out of my shell to have the courage and bravery to be the true authentic me! And I want you to choose “you” to be the “you” that you are meant to be. Because life is too short to live in someone else’s shoes! Because life is too short to do things to please others! You were born to be you. You have your own soul, life mission, and purpose to fulfill. Somehow we were raised and programmed to be who we aren’t meant to be: to please our parents, to please our boss, to please our partner, etc. Take your power back now! Because this is “YOUR” life. You are the creator of your own life! You can never be happy if you are not self-aligned to be who you truly “want” to be! The only reason you might not be happy when you wake up in the morning, and the very same reason that you can’t find true love is you don’t love yourself first, wholeheartedly, truthfully, completely, and perfectly! I want you to stop running away from yourself, because when you don’t accept the imperfect you, you can’t complete you! No one else in this world can complete you but yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror! YOU are enough! When you live your life with the belief that YOU are enough, you will gravitate to find your true love, and you will live a purposeful life! You will be happy with the greatest gratitude no matter where life takes you. ♦️ Reach out to me if you don’t know how to love yourself! ♦️Reach out to me if you don’t know how to live happily! ♦️ Reach out to me if you can’t find true love! Reach out to me because the very same reason I’ve transformed myself is the same reason I can transform YOU~ for you! ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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