Match of My Dreams


She is a bad person!

She is a bad person!

She is a bad person!

I am divinely guided..

And intuitively driven in all of my posts.

And recently…

I keep hearing the same scenario-

A common theme from all the men who DM me

In the last two weeks…

Or during consultation calls..

I thought-

I must address this NOW!

To shift the mindset of the people who might be experiencing the same battle in their minds.

These men that came to me..

Their narrative as to WHY they have a hard time

Letting go of the women who rejected them..

Or have chosen

Someone else…


The narrative..

In their heads

That kept saying

“But…. She is NOT a bad person!”

Ok! Ok!

I hear you!


Who said she was?

We’ve all been preconditioned to wanting to be “good” people.

We want to be GOOD and we have been positively reinforced and subconsciously preprogrammed-

When we were young..

To wanting to be

A good boy..

Or a good girl..

Thus, the “people pleasing” aspect of us would justify..

And have a hard time letting go of someone..

That..are not bad people.


The “goodness” in us, actually feels guilty to leave or walk away from them…

Even when they’ve wounded us…

As if….

What would it say about us?

What does that make us?

If we let go of someone who is not a bad person.

Let’s just say they are GOOD people.

Does that make us not a good person anymore?

No! Not at all!

Think about it..

In reality, when we are in search of the woman/man of our dreams!

They must have qualities beyond being a “good” person..

Don’t you agree?

Do you share common core values in life?

Do you find that person physically attractive?

Mentally and intellectually challenging?

Emotionally mature?

Whatever your requirements are..

Thus, let go of this narrative..

It’s all in our heads!

It’s based on fear, not love..

The reality is….

In this present moment…

That she CAN be a good person…

AND not be a “compatible” woman to be with you!

Because, you simply want the MOST compatible woman to be in a relationship with..

Don’t you?


At that moment..

These men would have the last comeback and pleading vulnerably…


“I don’t want to lose her!”

It sounded so cruel for me to say..


I had to awaken them back into the reality..

“I am sorry. You’ve already lost her! She has chosen someone else.” I replied.

It’s simply time to let her go..

Let go the fact that she CAN be a good person..

AND not the most compatible woman…

“How do you know that?” They asked…

How do I know that?

How do I know she’s not a compatible match?


It’s simple…

“She didn’t choose you…” I answered.

It’s time to let go and choose ourselves.


DM me if you want to mend your broken hearts and have a hard time moving on.

~ Love you more ❤️


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