Match of My Dreams


Take me…

Take me…

Take me…

The most romantic phrase I’ve ever heard..

That touched my heart..



When I watched the movie “Cinderella” starred by Lily James-

Ella’s mother said to her-

Right before her death

To a great secret in life…

“Have Courage and Be Kind, my darling!” Her mother said.

“Will you promise me?” She asked young Ella.

“I promise.” Ella replied.

Imagine how much joy and abundance these two values would bring in life?

Have Courage.


Be Kind.

Ella always remembered her mother’s words.

She embodied courage and kindness.

That’s how the Prince fell in love with her.

Her courage.

Her kindness.

Made her desirable..

Made her attractive..

True beauty-

Is a beauty from inside illuminating to our external being.

“Who are you?” the Prince asked her…

When he found her to try the glass slipper on..

Ella was nervous with a delightful smile on her face..

With admiration and respect to the Prince.

She bowed and said..
“I am Cinderella.”

Then she continued…

With so much self love..

Self worth..

Self respect..

She pleaded…

“Your Majesty..

I am no princess.

I have no carriage.

No parents.

No dowry.

I don’t even know if that beautiful slipper would fit.”

She paused and took a deep breathe..

“But… If it does..”

Wait for it..

Wait for it..

“Will you take me as I am?
An honest country girl who loves you.”

The Prince paused…

His heart was beating fast.

3 seconds later.

He said..

“Of course I will..”

He pleaded.

“But only if..”

“You will take me as I am.”

I beg the question my loves…

Are we our own Cinderella or the Prince?

It takes so much courage, bravery, self acceptance & self love to be able-

To honor..

Your own worth..

Ask yourself…

“Do you take yourself as you are?

In love, in business, in all aspects of our lives..

Please remember.

“Take me as I am..”


~ Love you more ❤️


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