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The best dating profile pics illustrate your passion in life!

How much weight do you place on women’s dating profile pictures? 80% on the pictures and 20% on their profile content? Do you put too much weight on physical appearance?

Think about it, as long as women seem happy and attractive, we should place more weight on profile content , or at least assess the same weight on both their dating profile and their photos.

What eventually makes a relationship work in the long run? It’s your potential soul mate’s values, expectations, passion in life and their mindset.

Having said that, it is still important for you to ensure your dating profile pictures look awesome. I’ve reviewed many men’s profile pictures and I have the following suggestions:

❤️ Show your lifestyle: for example if you enjoy fishing, skateboarding, skiing, cooking, etc. show that in your pictures

❤️ Have a variety of pictures: sporty, dressed up, business, leisure, or simply a variety of things you enjoy doing day-to-day

❤️ Avoid showing pictures of you with other women or with a group of friends; women sometimes don’t recognize you in a group picture and have no idea what the point is

❤️ Avoid pictures showing you in an avatar format, animated or with Snapchat filters

❤️ Avoid pictures of you in sunglasses. We want to see your eyes! Eyes are the windows to your soul

❤️ Accept yourself and be authentic by not using pictures over 6 months old

❤️ Take professional photos or hire a photographer who can accentuate your best features

Self acceptance is the key to awesome dating profile pictures. Love your life and what’s in it and show, not tell. That’s the best way to attract the right woman who may have common interests as what you feel passionate about in life.

~ Love you more ❤️


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