Match of My Dreams


“The fastest way to kill attraction is to compare the person you are dating to other women in your life.”

In your dating history, have you ever compared the woman you are dating with your past exes?

When you were a child, has any parent compared you to your other sibling(s) or to any of your friend(s)?

Please don’t compare! That is the fastest way to kill attraction. When you compare, this is what you are communicating:

You are not good enough for me:
We, as humans, all have our insecurities. By telling a woman, “I wish you can be more like …….”, that woman will automatically feel hurt and interpret it as “I am not good enough!”

You don’t appreciate individual uniqueness:
Comparing one person to another is the same as comparing apples to oranges, since everyone has his/her individual traits that make him/her unique. It shows that you are emotionally immature to expect people to be the same, since no one can be cloned. It shows your lack of logic and emotional maturity, etc.

You value the person you are comparing your date to more than your date herself:
It doesn’t matter if you are comparing her to your exes or to your mom, your sister, or female coworker etc. Comparing someone in itself is a dehumanizing act. It shows that you don’t appreciate her as a person and that you rather that she be someone else.

Let’s raise awareness and embrace that each individual is unique in his/her own ways and appreciate each other for who they are.
Comparing the woman you are dating to other people is the fastest way to kill attraction and it’s a major turn-off!

When was the last time you compared the woman you are dating and received a negative response?

~ Love you more ❤️


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