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Improving your intimacy skills, whether you’re enjoying an abundance of sex or not, is crucially important for single men looking for love. In fact, being comfortable in your own skin, and making someone else feel as comfortable in theirs, is one of the most important ways to attract women. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to be having lots of sex to improve your intimacy skills. Like all the best things in life, intimacy comes in many shapes and forms. And opportunities to improve your intimacy skills are everywhere too. That is, if you know where to look…


Let’s talk about sex. If you’re single, there’s never been a better time in your life to talk about it. One of the best ways to attract future partners, is to embody a coolness when it comes to discussing sex, or intimacy. And sexual confidence is sexy – so, start chatting. 

There shouldn’t be any stigma attached to safe, consensual sex, so single men, start sharing. Whether it’s with your friends, close co-workers, or someone you’re casually dating; sharing experiences of sex, in the appopriate setting, is liberating. 

While you should always be respectful of any previous partners and keep them anonymous, having regular conversations about intimacy can help to remove any awkwardness you may have when it comes to discussing the deed. The more you talk about sex, the greater confidence you’ll have discussing it in the bedroom. And this is where it really counts. 

Talking about sex is most important when it’s directly with your current sexual partner. 

Having face to face, direct conversations about what gets you going, or isn’t working, can vastly improve your own performance in between the sheets – and your overall sex life for years to come.


Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. Well, sex is no exception to the rule. And although you may not always have the opportunity to have sex, you can always draw upon past experiences from your sex life for guidance.

Don’t take sexual encounters for granted. Place value in every moment of intimacy you have. When you’re having sex, notice what works for you, and for her. What did your previous partner enjoy and did you ever ask her why? Is there more you can do to make her feel appreciated or attractive in moments of intimacy? 

Being open minded to trying new things, and letting different sexual partners teach you new tricks, are also key to improving your intimacy skills. You can never be too old, or too experienced, to learn something new. 


Everyday can still be a School Day, even if you can’t practice or comfortably talk about sex with the people in your immediate circles. Thanks to the internet, we have the ability to be experts at almost anything, without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. 

If you can’t practice having sex, read about it – educate yourself about sex and about female anatomy through books, forums and blogs. There’s no shame in not knowing your way around the female body, but there’s also no excuse not to start learning. There are discreet educational tools out there which cater to single men of all ages. 

And educate yourself on your own body, likes and dislikes too. As with conversations about sex, there’s no shame in getting to know your own anatomy or schooling up on the biology of intimacy. 


They can be great ways to communicate, plan and educate (see above) but to be better at intimacy, you need to park your devices at the door. And this applies to single men, dating men, and men in relationships alike. 

If you’re single, stow your phone away at a reasonable time each night. Mindlessly scrolling into the early hours will not improve your mental health, physical health or sexual performance. Read a sensual book, enjoy a long bath, or listen to an educational podcast. Avoid spending all your time stimulated by artificial light. Instead, connect with yourself and tap into your other senses. 

If you’re on a date, keep the phone stowed away and connect with the person sitting opposite of you. If you’re out and about, stop checking your phone- you just missed the chance to smile back at the cute stranger. Opportunities for intimacy and intimate moments are everywhere if you spend more time looking up.


Clam up when a female stranger strikes up a conversation with you in the coffee shop? Or draw a blank when your cute co-worker complains about her husband? Learn to communicate better and more effectively with all the different  women in your life. All women, platonic, sexual or otherwise. 

Spark up conversations, engage in awkward encounters – improve your dialogue with women. Practice being more connected with all the females in your life. Soften up, be more emotionally available or affectionate. 

Learn to be open, inviting and truly comfortable in your own skin – this will in turn invite intimacy, and with time, the right woman to be intimate with you.

~ Love you more ❤️


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