Match of My Dreams


This is no accident!

This is no accident!

This is no accident!

I had a dream..

Or had a nightmare..

Perhaps it was my own fear..

In that dream or that nightmare…

I was running…

I ran so fast into a dead end..

Or maybe that’s not a through street..

I heard a voice…

Guiding me..

Telling me..

Asking me..


Perhaps urging me..

To step into the unknown..

To step into the uncomfortableness..

Of a new change..

For an expansion..

To adapt further into..

An expansive mindset..

A true abundant mindset..

Once again..

A deeper layer..

To challenge my current beliefs..


The unknown territory..

Somewhere I have never been..

At that moment..

I knew the inevitable was coming.

I couldn’t breathe..

My head was spinning..

My palms were sweaty.

Fears were crippling in..

In every cell of my body..


Every cell of my body..

At that moment..

The only way to survive these fears..

Was to..

Observe them..

Then to feel them..

To survive them..

Then I calmed myself..

As I knew it’s something I must do..

As I have been called to..

Another calling..

A new calling..


This time..

It’s not to serve only men..

But to expand my target audience..

To include women..

I can no longer ignore that voice..

The voice of my intuition..

From my higher self..

From my heart..

That as much as I’ve coached men..

The past few years..

Women started to inquire about my services..

Now I am ready for this expansion..

To announce this expansion..

To embrace women who may also need help..

Into my program..

With my unique approach

To transform them..

To be..

As magnetic as they can be..

Like how I have transformed myself..

And countless men..

So they can attract, create and re-ignite the love of their dreams..

Today is a day to celebrate-

For the men (love gladiators) and the women (wonder women)-

Who have the courage to transform their love lives..

Schedule a call with me..

Now is the time.

I am here to serve..



~ Love you more ❤️

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