Match of My Dreams


“Tick Tock…”

Tick Tock…

Tick Tock…

I felt suffocated…

I couldn’t breathe….

What was that sound?

Tick Tock.. Tick Tock..

Oh My!

I had nowhere to hide.

“Follow the plan, Kolline.”

I heard a voice reminding me.

Perhaps that’s my “higher” self.

That’s right.

“Ready, Kolline?”

“Stop being distracted!”

So, I followed my plan.

I disappeared.

From all social media…

No more posts!

No more excuses!

One month ago..

I promised myself to carve out time to study for this certification…

For my HIGHEST good.

A 3 in 1 certification on love, relationships and sexual intimacy.

“I know, I know.” I said to myself.

Yes, but..

How many people have challenged me if I truly need this certificate that I kept procrastinating on…

Too many…

My ego asked me for the last time.

“Do you really need it?”

“I want it!” I replied.

I have a growth mindset.

So, no more excuses!

Kids have returned back to school.

It’s so quiet in my house.

Super quiet-

As if..

I can hear the pin drop sound.

“No, there is no pin dropping, Kolline!”

Wake up!

Fear just arrived.

Can’t you feel it?

Did you not notice?

It’s in the energy all around you..


In my home office…

In my gut..

In the modules that I studied…

I doubted myself.

I can’t memorize all of these materials.

40 Modules..

Each module consisted of

4-8 hours



Reading materials


Then PDFs


And most importantly-

95% on sexual intimacy..

That’s right…

My perceived limitation of myself-

As I was raised conservatively.


I want to coach-

Men on-

How to be sexually empowered..

“Come on now, Kolline!”

My higher self said.

“Be disciplined!”

That’s right.


I miss my friends, my soul tribe, my posts, my dating apps, my clients, etc….

“You will soon be forgotten!”

My fear told me.

“No, you won’t!”

I snapped myself out of it.

In the darkness of my shadow…

I was confronted


I may not be good enough for this.

But wait…

That’s not true.


I’ve already visualized it.

With 100% certainty.

It’s already done.


~ Love you more ❤️


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