Match of My Dreams



Searching high and low across all the land for your Queen this season, but not a fair maiden in sight? Well, perhaps it’s high time you started acting like royalty yourself.  Queens don’t date below their station, so this New Year, polish up your crown and start practicing your curtsey – she’s looking for a King after all.  Rule By Example:  A King should lead by example – he should be a man of great honor.  Start by taking a look at how you conduct yourself in everyday life and consider whether your actions are honorable. In your place of work, are you honest and sincere with those around you? Would your colleagues compliment your leadership skills, or do you rule with an iron fist? You should create a professional environment that colleagues feel comfortable in – ruling with fear can have disastrous consequences.  And leading by example extends to your home and social life too. In your friendship group, or amongst family, are you a man of decency? What would those who know you best say about you behind closed doors? Being respectful, trustworthy, and a reliable figure to call upon will be of the utmost importance to a romantic partner.  A decent man, and leader, leads by example – which earns him the respect of those around him. Your Queen could be watching from where you least expect it, so having and sticking to principles in every setting could win you the crown jewels this year.   Show Devotion: Although noble, a King should demonstrate the capacity for love and passion. Have you made room in your life for something you love or feel fondly towards? You can kickstart by committing to a charitable cause, or volunteer program – giving back is a great way to pay love forward. Plus, donating your money or free time won’t only help others, it will make you feel fantastic too.  Hobbies are another great way to show a softer, more loving side of you to your future soulmate. So, what are you passionate about? What hobbies do you have? Signing up to a sports team, joining a local group, or investing in a season ticket could be a smart way to add value to your life. A King, after all, is well-rounded and lives a full, long, and fruitful life. Don’t forget, you can also show devotion to those closest to you. Treating your family and dearest friends like royalty will reveal to your future partner a loving side of you. On dates, speak openly and graciously of your loved ones – your Queen is searching for someone who might one day speak dearly of her. Be Humble About Money & Power: A modern King should not brag about money, wealth or stature – it’s ungentlemanly.  A common misconception amongst men is that women are attracted to the mention of material things. Much as ‘a gentleman should never kiss and tell’, a gentleman should never brag – your Queen can see right through it, and she’s heard it all before to boot.  If you’re fortunate to be in a position of great wealth or power, be humble about the great stature this may bring. Your Queen, if she truly is a Queen, will not be swayed by your bank balance or spanking new sports car – she’s looking for her King, not a financier. In social settings, especially on dates, remember it’s unbecoming to boast about your privilege.  Don’t try and buy your Queen’s love or affection, because if she’s right for you, she’ll know it’s not for sale.  Demonstrate Chivalry: Above all, a King is chivalrous and courteous towards women – especially his Queen.  Chivalry may be an archaic code of conduct designed for Knights and Gentlemen of the 12th century, but its values are still relevant to courtship today, especially more so for Kings and Queens of society.  A little bit of chivalry can go an extremely long way – you just have to ask almost every woman you know. If you’re looking for a Queen, start by treating all women like monarchs. Holding open a door, carrying her bag, hailing a cab, and always offering to foot the bill will remind her that you’re attentive and respectful. Showing the utmost respect to elders, and young children, is another perfect way to show Kingly kindness.   You can be chivalrous in different settings too; being a gallant, charming host, or showing good sportsmanship will not go unnoticed by your would-be Queen. Regal manners will often cost you very little, but could win you something extremely precious.  ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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