Match of My Dreams


Too good to be true!

Too good to be true!

Too good to be true!

This is such a popular term in dating..

You know why?

Because when we feel the other person is-

“Too good to be true!”

We are putting them on a higher pedestal..

That’s actually a red flag to ourselves that..

We either have insecurity issues..

Or past relational wounds that..

Caused us to tend to put the other person on a higher pedestal..

It reflects the fact that..

We think lower of ourselves..

Compared to the other person..

And that-

We are not on equal ground with the other person.

On the same level of a pedestal..

“Too good to be true!”

Is a term that triggers a..

Death sentence in dating..

In relationships..

In marriages..

We psychologically and energetically feel..

We are not worthy nor deserving..


Our energy would repel against that person against us..

That’s how we self sabotage..


Or our romantic relationships..

Proving the fact that..

“Thoughts create reality”..

Are you aware of your thoughts??

And how that contribute to your current reality?!!

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