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Utilize the power of detachment to assess if she’s the right woman for you!

An important process you should utilize in dating is detachment after each date to provide yourself the space to think if she’s the right woman.

How do you assess if she’s the right woman when you provide yourself the space in the detachment process?

Men are visual beings who are easily entranced by the physical aspects of what’s presented in front of them (a beautiful attractive woman). They momentarily forget about who & what (the qualities) they are looking for in a woman.

In the detachment evaluation process, you are allowing yourself to step back and evaluate her “objectively” to decide if you want to see her again.

Below are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Did you have a good time? Why did you have a good time? Was it the environment? Was it her company? Was it what she said? Why?

Check your list of qualities that you want in a woman. How many boxes did she fulfill? If you can’t fully assess or there are some things you are unsure of, this means you didn’t ask the right questions during the date in order to assess.

Does she have the potential to live in your “envisioned future” with you? Was there anything that she shared which raised red flags?

Did she show interest or curiosity to want to get to know you more? Did both of you share equally during the date? Did you feel like she allowed you a chance to share your life story or did she dominate the conversation? Was there an equal amount of curiosity presented from both of you?

If you don’t know the majority of the above questions, you are blindly looking for your soulmate, with no intention of finding the best matched woman for you.

You must utilize a detachment period after each date to best assess if she’s a good match for you.

How well do you assess her after each date?

~ Love you more ❤️


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