Match of My Dreams

“Utilize the power of walking away to find your true love.”

Finally and I mean finally, you feel that you’ve met the right woman! BUT that woman is either in fear of relationships or can only offer friends with benefits type of connection. What do you do? You see her as someone intelligent, beautiful, living her best life while fulfilling her life’s purpose. A woman like this is hard to come by, and you really like her! It’s so hard for you to find someone you feel such a great connection with. But… she doesn’t want to invest in a relationship, YET! It doesn’t matter what she wants. I want you to focus on what YOU want when you are looking for a relationship. If you are looking for a connection that can lead to a serious relationship, then you have to take what she said literally for what it is. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that you should embrace and appreciate what she’s already communicated to you at face value. She doesn’t want a relationship YET. It’s that simple. You can’t force someone to invest in a relationship with you when they don’t know what they want, or better yet, they already know what they DON’T want. I urge you to keep your other options open. Continue dating other women and walk away from this woman, no matter how you value the connection. Benefits of walking away: ♦️ You respect yourself ♦️ You have an abundant mindset ♦️ You stand for what you want and you don’t settle for any less ♦️ You choose your own integrity/authenticity over the connection ♦️You see yourself as someone of value & you deserve to have what you desire in life By walking away, you preserve your own heart and authenticity while remaining true to your own needs. No one can do that for you! In any event, since you are not in a serious and committed relationship, you should continue to date others. And the power of walking away from unavailable women will save you time, emotions, energy, money and heartbreak in the long run- it will propel you to meet your true love! When was the last time you had to walk away from someone who’s not available? How did that make you feel about yourself? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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