Match of My Dreams


“Visualization is an important part of manifesting your soulmate.”

We’ve all heard of the sayings “thoughts create reality” and “law of attraction”. Thus, in order for you to manifest anything in your life, including your soulmate, you need to utilize the power of visualization. When you visualize, it’s setting your intention(s) with the Universe. You are telling the Universe who/what you wish to attract. In turn, this strengthens your motivation and reprograms your brain (overrides past limiting beliefs) by creating mental images of your envisioned future.

Let’s visualize your soulmate:
1) How does she look like? (Name a few physical traits that you find attractive)
2) What values/qualities should she possess?
3) What are her hobbies and interests?

Next, I want you to be in that future moment with your soulmate. How do you feel being with her in that moment? Name a few emotions/feelings.

The key to manifesting your soulmate in life is to feel those emotions and feelings as if you already have her in your life, so the manifestation process can begin. Once you set your intention with the Universe, just remember to feel those positive feelings/emotions so the soulmate you wish to attract will come.

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